The Idaho Beef council is happy to provide free, high quality peer-reviewed educational materials to Idaho teachers.

With today's youth becoming increasingly more removed from agriculture, it is important to educate them about where their food comes from, its nutritional value, and the importance of agriculture in their everyday lives.  We are committed to supporting education and encourage teachers of all subjects to utilize our free curriculum guides, fact sheets, activity masters, and reference materials about cattle production, beef nutrition, beef preparation, safe food handing practices, beef recipes and much more. 


Beef for the Classroom

Teachers with 7th through 12th grade classes may take advantage of our Beef for the Classroom reimbursement program.  Funds to purchase fresh beef or beef convenience products for your classroom are available from the Idaho Beef Council. 

To qualify for the funds:

  • Fresh beef or beef convenience products must be used.
  • The teacher will purchase the beef (fresh or convenience products) and ingredients for the recipe and conduct the beef lesson. Beef must be the primary ingredient in the recipe.
  • The teacher will then return the Beef for the Classroom report form along with the grocery receipt for the beef and other ingredients to the Idaho Beef Council for reimbursement.
  • After receiving the completed report form and grocery receipt, the Idaho Beef Council will issue a reimbursement check for up to 75 cents per student.
  • The check will be made out to the school. No check will be issued to an individual. Checks will not be issued without receipt and the completed report form.

Download forms here:

Beef for the Classroom Form 2015-16.pdf

Classroom education materials order form




Beef Activity Guides and Presentations

Looking for a beef lesson plan for your students?  Here are a few to choose from.


Presentation templates:

    All About Cattle

      - Presentation      

      - Presentation with notes


    Beef Basics

       - Presentation      

       - Presentation with notes 


    Beef - From Pasture to Plate

      - Presentation      

      - Presentation with notes


    Beef Nutrition

       - Presentation      

       - Presentation with notes


    Cattle Drivin' 

      - Lesson plan and class activity