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Qualified Vendors - You're invited to respond to open RFPs!

If you love beef as much as we do and you have inspiring ideas for how to put our best foot forward in leading market expansion...read on!

Beef Marketing RFP Opportunities

The Idaho Beef Council (IBC) is requesting proposals from an agency (or agencies) which can provide assistance in developing and implementing strategic programming aligning with the IBC's mission and core strategies, as well as the national beef long range plan.

RFP - Agency of Record

Shopping for produce

The IBC seeks an Agency of Record to provide marketing support for IBC's Consumer, Retail and Foodservice Programs.

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RFP - Idaho Finger Steaks

This RFP requests foodservice research and marketing services for Idaho Finger Steaks.

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RFP - Idaho Beef Sushi 

This RFP requests foodservice research and marketing services for Idaho Beef Sushi Rolls.

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frequently Asked Questions about these RFPs

As you contemplate these RFP opportunities, the Idaho Beef Council has collected some of the most frequently asked questions and provided answers to assist you. We invite you to review these Q&As as they may help you to better understand the process, preferences and key objectives of these projects.

Agency of Record FAQs

Sushi and Fingersteak FAQs

market data and program metrics 

We believe data-driven decisions lead to the best solutions in supporting Idaho's beef industry and consumer needs at the same time.  State Dashboard studies provide insight into consumer sentiment and Meltwater reporting reflects the media uptake on key topics of interest to the industry.

Idaho State Dashboard FY20

idaho state dashboard fY21

meltwater report q1 fy21

meltwater report q2 fy21

Advertising campaign update fy21

Chef's Roll Arizona Photos, Chef's Roll Arizona Photos

learn more about the idaho beef council!

If you're not yet familiar with the Idaho Beef Council, you can beef up your knowledge by visiting the Industry Resources page where you'll find links to the Annual Reports and The Drive State insert - quarterly newsletters. 

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