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Jeff Johnson Named Idaho Beef Council Chairman

| October 9, 2020

As a fourth-generation rancher and feedlot operator from Parma, Idaho Jeff Johnson is deeply vested in the success of Idaho’s beef cattle industry. 

In addition to serving as the Idaho Beef Council (IBC) Chairman, he currently serves as president of his family’s diversified agriculturally based companies. Johnson Research is a private contract research organization that works with pharmaceutical companies as they support and bring new animal health products to the marketplace.  In addition, his family is involved in the livestock trucking business, farming, ranching and feedlot operations.  The diverse industry perspective he brings to the IBC helps to ensure that the priorities of the IBC are truly representative of the needs and concerns of Idaho’s cattle ranchers. 

The work undertaken by the IBC is guided by a board of directors consisting of eight industry leaders from across the state, representing every segment of the cattle industry. These individuals are nominated by their respective organizations and appointed by the Governor of Idaho to give voice, expertise, and perspective to the needs of Idaho's cattle ranchers, farmers and beef producers. Current board leaders bring their deep roots in Idaho’s cattle industry and include:

  • Bill Lickley, Vice-Chairman from Jerome, Idaho represents the cow/calf segment
  • Lee Bradshaw, Secretary/Treasurer from Caldwell, Idaho represents the feeder segment
  • Trish Dowton from Ellis, Idaho represents both the cow/calf producers and Idaho Cattlewomen
  • Steven Taylor, from Jerome, Idaho  represents the livestock auction segment
  • Ira Brackett, from Homedale, Idaho represents the cow/calf segment
  • Matt Nelson, from Jerome, Idaho represents the dairy segment
  • William ‘Willie’ Bokma, from Twin Falls, Idaho represents the dairy segment 

The IBC tracks industry trends and delivers programs and initiatives that advance both the state and national beef cattle industry. As the marketing arm of the industry, the IBC manages funds collected through the beef checkoff program which authorizes an assessment of $1.50 per head of cattle at the time of sale. Of that, fifty cents goes to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, another fifty cents is managed by the Idaho Beef Council and allocated to national or international initiatives and the remaining fifty cents, minus a Brand Board collection fee, goes to the Idaho Beef Council to deliver programming throughout the gem state. Checkoff funds are invested in a variety of programs designed to raise awareness of beef’s role in building strong bodies and strong communities and to increase the consumption of beef locally, across the US and globally.

These efforts include things like consumer education to ensure that Idahoans understand the high standards with which beef is produced in Idaho and across the U.S., as well as how to prepare it with confidence. In addition, the Beef Council helps promote beef across retail and foodservice channels, funds beef-centric research, sponsors community initiatives, supports ranchers and helps to ensure that Idaho’s beef ranching heritage remains a point of strength for Idaho’s economy. 

The United States cattle industry has seen unprecedented impacts to every sector amid the COVID-19 challenges in recent months.  The initial shock of shutting down the economy resulted in plummeting commodity prices and unfortunately the price of live cattle was not spared.  Cattle Producers have been hit especially hard.  However, despite the fluctuations impacting retail, foodservice and the process of delivering beef to market, one thing remains constant: demand for beef as a high-quality protein remains excellent and we are finding inventive and impactful ways to reach consumers in new ways. “I am impressed with the adaptability and creativity I see in our industry as we work through these unexpected circumstances.  As Chairman, I would like to encourage everyone to use the Idaho Beef Council website ( as a resource to find information you can use as well as to use IBC’s social media channels to share and connect with others. I  am very proud of our industry, especially the important role we play in strengthening Idaho’s economy and our ability to provide beef to consumers around the globe.”


About the Idaho Beef Council The Idaho Beef Council (IBC) is a state organization representing Idaho’s beef ranchers. As of January 1, 2020, Idaho had 2.49 million head of cattle valued at $2.639 billion, making it the state’s second largest agricultural industry behind dairy. IBC was created in 1967 by the Idaho legislature as a marketing organization to increase consumer demand for beef. It is funded by the beef checkoff program - a $1.50 per head assessment on the sale of cattle in Idaho. The funds generated from this are used to support promotion, research and education programs at home and abroad.   The Idaho Beef Council Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from each of the state's industry sectors: Cow/Calf Producers, CattleWomen Producers, Dairy Farmers, Cattle Feeders, and Livestock Markets. IBC board members are nominated by their respective organizations and appointed by the Governor for a three-year term. For more information, visit  


 For further information, contact Donna Kovaleski, Communication Manager, Idaho Beef Council, [email protected], (208) 376-6004. 

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