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Nampa Boy’s Love of Steak Results in Surprise from Idaho Beef Council

Cindy Miller | January 21, 2021

When Thomas Watkins, or “JR” as he’s known, was asked to write a story about something he loved for his 5th grade class assignment – he decided to pen a love letter….to steak.

“Steak is my most favorite meat.” JR writes. “I could eat it days and weeks and months. It’s sooo delicious – if you don’t like steak…you’re crazy!”

So when JR’s dad shared this letter with the Idaho Beef Council, there was only one thing to do – present JR with the thing he loves above all else  --  steak! And that's what the Idaho Beef Council did, along awarding him with a 'beefed up' gift basket which included beef themed coloring and activity books, pencils with hamburger erasers, cattle keychains, a meat thermometer, a beef cooking guides and much more.  

“Apparently he loves steak.” JR’s father said when he shared the letter. 

Christina Watkins, JR’s mom was surprised by his letter. “He’s always loved beef but honestly I didn’t know he was so crazy about it until this paper he wrote at school! We now make sure he gets steak along with the parents when we have barbeques!” she said.   

JR is one of four children at the Watkins house, where mom, Christina works as a cosmetologist at Moon Blossom Day Spa in Nampa, and dad, Tom, has had a 19-year military career and is in the Army Reserves while also working full time and going to school for cyber security.  

When asked if JR likes his steak prepared a certain way, Christina said he doesn’t really have a favorite steak. He just wants steak!  

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About the Idaho Beef Council 

The Idaho Beef Council (IBC) is a state organization representing Idaho’s 9,700 beef ranchers. As of January 1, 2020, Idaho had 2.5 million head of cattle valued at $2.675 billion, making it the state’s second largest agricultural industry behind dairy. IBC was created in 1967 by the Idaho legislature as a marketing organization to increase consumer demand for beef. It is funded by the beef checkoff program - a $1.50 per head assessment on the sale of cattle in Idaho. The funds generated from this are used to support promotion, research, and education programs at home and abroad. For more information about the Idaho Beef Council, please visit us at