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Team Beef Idaho - Endurance Team Application

Thank you for your interest in the Team BEEF Idaho Endurance team. Athletes of all experience levels are encouraged to participate. Team BEEF Idaho is a community of like-minded runners who learn about and advocate for the benefits of lean beef as a part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Members are Beef Ambassadors, continuously expanding their knowledge and promoting the value of lean beef to provide high quality nutrition and fuel for athletic training and recovery. The Team BEEF Idaho community members may be seen in their bright red team apparel during races and on social media as they run with like-minded health advocates. Camaraderie with the Team BEEF Idaho members includes shared training opportunities, team race events, and access to many resources, including educational events, team meetings, and an expansive library of lean beef recipes.

Benefits of being a member of Team BEEF Idaho:

  • Team BEEF Idaho apparel
  • Educational resources and information for health, nutrition, and training
  • BEEF Bucks! Earned by participating in races, volunteer opportunities, and other events to be redeemed at select stores for your favorite beef cuts and products
  • An inspiring, supportive, and fun community!

Expectations of Team BEEF Idaho members:

  • Understand and believe in the nutritional benefits of lean beef and the vital role it plays in training.
  • Serve as positive role model for lean beef.
  • Actively spread the word and help educate people who seek information about lean beef, including in your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or a blog.
  • Participate in Team BEEF Idaho nutrition webinars, volunteer opportunities, orientation, and other meetings.

**Please complete the following information by 8am, Wednesday, October 21.