Jaker's Makes Finger Steaks Right at Home in the Northwest

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With six locations across Idaho and Montana, Jaker’s Bar & Grill has been showcasing local favorites since 1976, including finger steaks which became a mainstay on the menu in 2007.

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Luke Hadley, regional kitchen supervisor, explains that for Jaker’s, finger steaks became a menu item as a way to utilize the sirloin scraps that are a byproduct from cutting the meat for their steak menu. Jaker’s uses Double R Ranch’s Signature grade beef, which is the top third of USDA Choice. It’s chosen for its high levels of marbling. With this premium, grain-fed Northwest beef you certainly don’t want any to go to waste!

finger steaks 101

One of the most important aspects of a good finger steak is making sure that the beef is so tender that when bitten into the meat doesn’t pull out of the breading. Hadley assures that this is never a problem at Jaker’s. The cut and grade of the beef sets the stage for success and then they pass it through a Jaccard for an extra layer of tenderization.

The steak strips are dusted in a spiced flour mix and then they get a quick dip in a beer batter made with Uppercrust mixed with Hefeweizen, an unfiltered German-style wheat beer. The finger steaks are fried for just a little over two minutes before being served hot with cocktail sauce or the horseradish sour cream that is the usual accompaniment to their prime rib. 

Finger steaks are a leading entree at lunch, served with French fries as well as an a la carte appetizer for happy hour. 

And speaking of happy hour, what’s the perfect beer pairing? Hadley says, “The hoppier, the better!”

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