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Idaho Today Series

KTVB's new lifestyle series serves up tasty ways to beef up your nutrition and your summer menus.

Heat up your summer menus with beef cooking tips on idaho today

The Idaho Beef Council and NBC-affiliates, KTVB in the Treasure Valley and KTFT in the Magic Valley, are partnering up to bring you a new weekly cooking series called Idaho Today. Host Mellisa Paul leads us on beef-centric culinary adventures where we will learn inspiring and useful beef cooking tips and flavorful facts from beef experts and cattle industry leaders.

beef packs a protein punch

Want to know the benefits of packing a protein punch in your diet with beef? Erin Green, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist provides a variety of ideas of how to incorporate this valuable protein source in your daily routine.

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The Beef counts program benefits the idaho foodbank

July is Idaho Beef Month and Governor Brad Little acknowledges the contributions the Idaho beef industry makes with an official proclamation. The Beef Counts program also benefits Idaho families in need, and The Idaho Foodbank's Karen Vaulk explains how important it is to make beef available through their food distribution sites.

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beef and wine pairing

Chandler's Steakhouse knows their beef...and how to pick the right wine to compliment their dishes. Dave Boyle, General Manager at Chandler's walks us through things to look for in quality beef selection. And when considering the perfect partner for your beef creations, in the words of Telaya Wine Co. founder and co-wine maker, Earl Sullivan, remember "what grows together, goes together." Idaho wines are the perfect pairing for Idaho beef.

Check out these Wine Kissed Creations!

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Celebrate the special Dads in your life in traditional BBQ style. Drew and Gina Mosman, a 4th generation Idaho ranching family, share a glimpse into their world and the care that goes into raising quality beef cattle for Idaho families. In this segment, they share how to make the Mosman family's traditional Tri-Tip roast.

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We've teamed up with Mark Anderson - Half of "The Grill Dads" to share how to reverse sear a steak.   

 When purchasing a great cut of beef - knowing how to prepare it is critical to getting the best texture and flavor possible!

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Jared Brackett, Chairman of The Cattlemen's Beef Board, shares his family's take on how to make sushi "Idaho Style." Tender beef cuts snuggled in a roll of savory goodness is enough to make these "Idaho Rolls" a new member of the sushi family!


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University of Idaho Meat Scientist, Dr. Bass, breaks down ground beef considerations for burgers and shares expert tips for making your beef burger BBQ successful and delicious. Learn about innovative ways to  customize to your heart's delight.

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Tune in to your KTVB (Treasure Valley) or KTFT (Magic Valley) stations to catch Idaho Today where you can explore the endless possibilities for preparing delicious beef dishes at home!