Grilled Steak and Fresh Mozzarella Flatbread

Recipes from Beef It's What's For Dinner

Explore the beef recipe possibilities. Beef It's What's for Dinner has recipes to fit any need, whether you're looking for Quick and Easy recipes or for Grilling Favorites.

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Learn more about how beef's nutrients help fuel you and your family on Beef It's What's for Dinner.

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Interactive Butcher Counter

Match cuts to recipes for easy convenience when you're looking for the best combination. The Interactive Butcher Counter allows you to explore and answer questions when it comes to beef cuts.

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Cooking with Beef

Everyone loves a tender serving of beef. Any cut can be cooked to the perfect combination of juicy tenderness while capturing all that flavor when prepared using the appropriate method.

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Safe Storage & Handling

Chances are you already know some food safety basics, but it is important to brush up on and practice proper food safety and share knowledge with others every time you’re in the kitchen.

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