Idaho Beef Month

There is so much to love about Idaho's legacy in the beef industry, we need an entire month to celebrate! With recipes that sizzle on the grill and fill the air with delicious scents of summer, your family is sure to love Idaho Beef month as much as we do!

July is Idaho beef month!

Consumers around the country may associate Idaho with its famous potatoes, but Idaho ranchers know that the state‚Äôs agricultural industry produces another important product: beef. In a state where cattle outnumber people, the Idaho Beef Industry has had a tremendous impact on local communities and the economy of Idaho. Idaho supports 2.55 million head of cattle, valued at $2.81 billion dollars. 

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beef is right at home in idaho

Governor Brad Little has again declared July to be Idaho Beef Month. July of 2022 marks the 21st annual month-long celebration. Beef Month showcases not only the valuable role of beef in a healthy and balanced diet but also the long and distinguished history of the Idaho Beef Industry.

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Idaho Governor Brad Little declares July to be Idaho Beef Month! This proclamation supports the thousands of Idaho cattle ranching families and the millions of cattle which represent the second leading agricultural commodity in Idaho.

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beef top sirloin & potato kabobs

Beef Top Sirloin and Potato Kabobs

Use the microwave and the grill to expedite the cooking process for these tasty beef and potato kabobs.

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Classic Beef cheeseburgers


Master this classic burger recipe and you'll be the grill master supreme all summer long!

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grilled ribeye steaks and potatoes with smoky paprika rub

Grilled Ribeye Steaks and Potatoes with Smoky Paprika Rub

Smoky seasoned steak and wedged potatoes grilled to perfection. Served with a simple sour cream and onion sauce.

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caribbean beef burgers with mango salsa


Spicy, sweet and oh-so-simple! Ground Beef gets a peppery boost from jerk seasoning, and the freshly chopped mango salsa delivers a cool finish.

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Zesty barbecue cheeseburgers


Tempt your taste buds with a juicy Ground Beef burger with extra zip from barbecue sauce.

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balsamic marinated flank steak

Flank Steak benefits from a tenderizing marinade of balsamic vinegar, basil, Dijon mustard and garlic.

Tangy balsamic vinegar makes this marinade. Mix in Dijon mustard, garlic and basil, pour over Flank Steak, then grill and serve with a variety of veggies for a simple, fresh meal.

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idaho food fact

Idaho is home to culinary innovations such as Finger Steaks. These crunchy, breaded or batter-fried strips of whole beef are served with a tangy sauce and the options are endless when it comes to flavor.

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