finger steak recipes for the home chef

Grandma phyllis' finger steaks

Native Idahoan Christie Prescott shares this family recipe, handed down to her from her grandmother. She has fond memories of her grandmother teaching her how to make it and is passing along this tradition to the next generation.

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3x ranch finger steaks

Trish and Stan Dowton own and operate Dowton 3X Ranch, a cow-calf operation in the Pahsimeroi Valley of East Central Idaho. "There are a lot of different ways to make finger steaks and no one way is right or wrong," she says.

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mylo bybee's basic finger steaks

Is this Mylo’s exact recipe? Probably not. According to Mylo’s widow, “He (Mylo) was very proud of that recipe, and it’s been well protected all these years. Mylo would give it to people, but he never gave them the quantities and he always left out one ingredient.”  This basic recipe is a good foundation. Now it is up to you to figure out the missing ingredient.

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