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The Idaho Beef Council's Local Producers & Suppliers Directory is here to help introduce you to ranchers in your area who sell beef directly to consumers looking to buy local.


Buying beef directly from a local farmer or rancher often involves purchasing a half or quarter share of a live animal. Understanding roughly how much beef you will receive and the choices you will be able to make about cuts is key to having a great experience and getting the value you seek.

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Beef Choices Nutrition

Like the farmers and ranchers who choose how best to raise their cattle for beef, you have choices when it comes to the beef you buy. You may see a variety of statements that reflect different production practices. Learn more about what these mean and make informed purchasing decisions.

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BQA - Cow Calf

cattle producers - you are invited!

If you are a cattle producer interested in expanding your options for delivering your beef to Idaho's buy-local market, you are invited and encouraged to complete the online application.  

 If you  are new to selling direct to consumers you should contact the University of Idaho (U of I)  local extension office to find out how to comply with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) regulations and learn how to meet labeling requirements.

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BQA Certified - Beef Quality Assurance is a program that trains farmers and ranchers on best practice cattle management techniques to ensure their animals and the environment are cared for within a standard set of guidelines and regulations across the U.S. beef industry. 

Natural - A product containing no artificial ingredient or added color and is only minimally processed.

ISDA Organic

Grass Finished - Animals spend their whole lives eating grass or forage.

Grain Finished - Animals spend the majority of their lives eating grass or forage and then are finished on grain.

Direct Sales



12570 W. Fairview Ave, Suite 101
Boise, ID 83713



About Us: All Choice Cuts beef is USDA Choice or Prime Cuts and all natural meats are featured.


Meridian Meat & Sausage

1191 Bower
Meridian, ID 83642


About Us: Meridian Meat & Sausage offers quality beef and veal. We have been in business since 1960 and are family-owned and operated.

ISDA Organic

Direct Sales


Weiser River Ranch

2381 US Highway 96
PO Box 5
Council, ID 83612



Direct Sales

About Us: We have always practiced humane, low stress handling practices. Following legal requirements our heifers are bangs vaccinated. Bulls, cows and heifers are wormed annually treated with 8-way and cows and calves are vaccinated with Bovishield Gold. Calves are vaccinated at branding and preconditioned 30-days prior to weaning.

We offer whole beef, 1/2 beef, individual packages of all primal cuts, including ground beef. All of our finished beef is grass fed. Our herd is mostly Angus crossbred with an approximate 20% contribution from Hereford and Charolais seed stock.

Other than seed stock, we have maintained a closed herd for twenty-two years. Biosecurity is very important to us; access to our ranch is strictly limited. Our herd lives year-round on our ranch and are not transported to winter or summer pasture. We raise all the hay fed to the cows and calves through the winter on fields that are not fertilized or sprayed with anything.


Pratt Family Beef

279 N 400 E
Blackfoot, ID 83221




Grass Finished

Direct Sales

Global Animal Partnership - Level 4

IMI Global Non-GMO certified

About Us: We sell beef by the quarter, half, and whole. The product is individually packaged and customized orders are available open request to include steak size, jerky, burger patties etc.

We are a fifth generation family ranch raising grass-finished cattle in Southeast Idaho. Our cattle spend their lives on pasture, never receive added growth hormones and are handled using low-stress techniques. Our ranch is home to a diverse landscape of soils, plants and animals and we manage our resources holistically.


H&M Meats and Catering

215 14th Ave S
Nampa, ID 83651



About Us: At H&M, we’re not your average meat shop. Most of what we sell is custom cut and hand wrapped or vacuum sealed to your specifications. This ensures that the meat is fresh and cut just how you like it. When you walk through our doors you’re greeted with a smile and handed your order, as opposed to a traditional meat case. 

Custom Cuts: We typically keep tenderloin, marinated tri-tip, rib-eye, prime rib, and New Yorks on hand, just tell us how many you're feeding or how thick you'd like the cut. We also season, marinate, or sauce our meats upon request at no additional charge so your meal is ready to take home and cook the way you want it.

Meat Bundles: We offer a variety of bundles that can fit your budget and fill your freezer.

Locker Beef: We offer locker beef in whole, half, and quarters cut and double wrapped to your family's specifications.

Direct Sales


PO Box 124
Hammett, ID 83627




 USDA Inspected

Grass Finished

Direct Sales

About Us: Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef offers grass-fed/finished Akaushi beef. No antibiotics, no hormones, non-GMO, gap step 4, and pasture-raised birth to finish by our family ranchers.

We raise 100% grass-fed and finished beef- creating a circle of sustainability between the sun, grass, water, and soil for the good of the whole.


Cross o meats

5846 Hwy 95 S

Pollock, ID 83547

Phone: (208) 628-3868



BQA Certified

Grain Finished

 Direct Sales

About Us: At Cross O Meats we not only provide our customers with the larger 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 options, but we also provide the very popular variety packs that fit the needs of all family sizes and tastes buds. Our mountain raised beef is raised right here in the high elevations of central Idaho, grazing on rich mountain grasses and drinking from fresh mountain springs, you don't get more natural than this!  Dry-aged and finished to perfection with local non-GMO barley gives our beef a premium tenderness and taste that you'll only find comparable at top high-end restaurants.

Being the sixth generation here on the ranch, we pride ourselves with top quality cattle, integrity, and serving American families American beef!  We ship directly to your door in all 50 states and also offer local delivery between Lewiston, ID and Boise, ID. We look forward to serving your family!

Silver star custom meats

3636 N Main St
Iona, ID 83427


About Us: We offer Whole Beef, 1/2 Beef, and retail cuts of Beef, Pork, and Wagyu Beef. We also make and process our own Brats, Sausage, Sausage links, and other specialty Items.

We pride ourselves in doing the highest quality processing possible for our customers. We are a custom exempt shop and the majority of what we do is custom processing. We focus on quality and cleanliness. We go above and beyond to make sure our plant is extremely clean and to the highest standards of sanitation.  We love what we do!

Grass Fed

Grain Finished



761 S Four Winds Road
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814-9685



About Us: We are a small, family owned business with deep Idaho roots. We specialize in smoked meat products and Italian Charcuterie. We love what we do!

Grass Fed

Grain Finished


6/2 ranch

1130 Idler's Rest Rd

Moscow, ID 83843

Phone: 541-519-3608



BQA Certified

Grain Finished

Direct Sales

About Us: Our beef is raised in the most sustainable way possible. These are crossbred cattle, allowing for the most efficient, most delectable eating experience, not only in tenderness but overall taste. This allows us to finish our cattle primarily on forage (local grasses and alfalfa) with only a small amount of local grain screenings as a supplement.


Big Canyon Beef

2781 Central Ridge Rd

Craigmont, ID 83523




 USDA Inspected

Direct Sales

About Us: Here at Big Canyon Beef we provide USDA inspected, wholesome, delicious individual cuts of beef, such as rib steaks, T-bone steaks, Tomahawk steaks, hamburger, patties, and a few choice roasts. We also provide 1/4's, 1/2's, and whole beef for the customer who wants to buy in bulk. You can now order online and we will ship directly to your door or if you are close enough we have scheduled bi-monthly drop off points around our region. Our cattle are either fed hay or out on grass. 

When the cattle reach about 800 lbs we continue to keep them on pasture and supplement them with barley to get that great finished taste. Our cattle are bred to be more moderate in size so they can traverse steep, rugged country more efficiently. We have also been selecting bulls with great genetic attributes to ensure our customers have tender, flavorful beef that will keep them coming back. Our cattle have been grading 95% choice and prime when we do take them to the packers.

We are a family ranch located in scenic north central Idaho on the breaks of the Clearwater River. We are deeply passionate about holistic grazing and leaving the grass and pastures healthier for generations to come. The last few years we have been concentrating on regenerative agriculture and using the cattle as a tool for soil health.

Nez Perce

Idaho Beef, LLC

504 Main Street, Suite 122

Lewiston, ID 83501

Phone: (208) 816-1620




Grass Finished

Grain Finished

Direct Sales

About Us: Idaho Beef For You connects Idaho producers with the urban areas around the Pacific Northwest. Prices include delivery. We offer a discount for orders from within Idaho. 

We offer bulk beef in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef sizes. Expert sourcing of hormone-free beef from local farms by a 4th generation Idaho cattleman. Free delivery in Northwest Idaho. Cutting and wrapping included. 


arrow b grass-fed beef

20161 Steiner Valley Road

Oreana, ID 83650

Phone: 208-316-7373



Grass Finished

Direct Sales

About Us: We sell 100% grass fed beef directly to the consumer. Customers can purchase beef shares or individual cuts. Our beef is raised in Idaho and is USDA certified and packaged.

The hard working resourceful spirit of the west is alive at Arrow B Ranch. Out here we work not because we have to but because it is our purpose. Together we work with our children and employees to bring you quality Idaho grass fed beef the good old fashioned way...from ranch to table.

hipwell ranch

15681 Bates Creek Rd

Oreana, ID 83650

Phone:  208-495-6818 



Grass Finished

Direct Sales

About Us: Our family works hard to provide quality, Idaho meats direct to you! Hipwell Ranch offers All Natural, Grass Fed and Finished Beef. No antibiotics, no hormones, no GMO - simply back to our roots farming practices that create healthy soils, sustainable feed, and high nutritional benefits for all Hipwell Ranch meats.

thomas cattle company

18239 Short Cut Rd

Oreana, ID 83650

Phone: (208) 834-2251




Grain Finished

Direct Sales

About Us: Thomas Cattle Company is a family ranching operation one hour south of Boise. We raise premium Angus beef in the Owyhee Mountains. As third generation ranchers, Seth and Logan Thomas use their expertise and knowledge to raise premium quality beef that regularly rates prime or high choice.  

Thomas Cattle Company sells premium all natural Angus beef direct to consumers as individual cuts, bundles, and 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef shares.

wilsey ranch

16550 US Hwy 95, Marsing, ID 83639

Phone: 208-337-4780



Grass Finished

Direct Sales

About Us: We offer grass fed and finished Wagyu (akaushi) beef in whole, 1/2, and 1/4 beef as well as beef bundles and individual cuts. A WOMEN OWNED AND FAMILY OPERATED RANCH RAISING GRASS FED AND FINISHED WAGYU BEEF IN THE OWYHEE MOUNTAINS. BORN, RAISED, AND HARVESTED IN IDAHO. Founding members of The Boise Farmers Market and 2011 Owyhee Conservationist of the Year.


Howell Hay and Livestock

Tomas Howell

2111 County Line Road
Emmett, ID 83617


About Us: We have been raising beef cattle in Payette county for over 20 years. Excellent home grown, grain finished Angus beef.

Grass Fed

Grain Finished

Direct Sales


malson Angus & herefords

2901 SW 9th AVE

Parma, ID 83660

Phone: (208) 739-2265



Grain Finished

Direct sales

About Us: Malson Angus & Herefords is where "Quality Comes First." We market our beef under our MF brand. Our family ranch uses the best Angus and Hereford genetics to produce high-quality, tender, consistent beef for our customers.

Whole or halves of beef available, as well as smaller beef bundles and beef by the cut.

Twin Falls

meat and potato company

734 Falls Ave

Twin Falls, ID 83301

Phone: 208-404-9247



Grain Finished

Direct Sales

About Us: Sourcing local restaurant quality beef for delivery to your home! Supporting local business and agriculture in a modern delivery model with responsible packaging.

Offering individual cut and aged steaks, ground beef, and roasts. Top two thirds choice program.