Greek Beef Salad

at home with beef

Nothing beats sharing meals with family and spending time together at home! Getting your family involved in meal preparation is a great way to share traditions and is an ideal time to beef up everyone's knowledge about food storage, cooking methods and safety.

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Removing ground beef from the store packaging extends the freezer life of your purchase. When you buy in bulk, you can create portions that are recipe ready and shorten thawing time!

Thaw Ground beef

Short on time? Try this #LifeHack to get frozen ground beef thawed fast. We're talking 3 minutes fast! If you put your ground beef in a ziploc style bag before freezing, you're already halfway there. 

proper storage of your beef

How you handle your beef at home plays a big part in quality and safety. When you reach the maximum day limit  in your refrigerator, consider repacking your beef in freezer-safe bags. Remove as much air as you can and store it in your freezer to extend its quality.

Beef snacks like jerky or pepperoni or sausage sticks should be stored according to package directions.

expert tips on cooking cuts

Dr. Phil Bass, University of Idaho Meat Scientist, shares ideas on the best preparation methods for various cuts of beef.

kids at home?

Help your kids learn about where their food comes from with these fun interactive learning resources!

calling all artists

BIWFD Coloring Book

Corral your little one's creative energy as they learn about where beef comes from with the Beef. It's What's for Dinner. Coloring Book.

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Get busy challenge

BIWFD activity book

Keep little hands busy and young minds growing with the Beef. It's What's for Dinner. Activity Book. Kids will have fun as they learn about beef.

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Take an idaho 360VR Tour 

Tour Brackett ranches, a Cow-Calf operation on the Idaho-Oregon border. Learn how ranchers act as stewards of public lands while preserving Idaho's ranching heritage.

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learning for older kids

BQA - Cow Calf

Expand your older student's horizons by exploring the cattle industry, science, math, nutrition and environmental considerations.

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Ag Mag - a beefy addition to ag learning!

The beef Ag Mag is perfect non-fiction text for grades 3-5. It includes sections on beef breeds, nutrition, beef life cycle, career profiles, food safety, label reading, and other suggested activities. 

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