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Beef Lifestyle - Outdoor Family Meal

Involving your family in meal preparation is a great way to share traditions and is an ideal time to beef up everyone's knowledge about food storage, cooking methods and safety.

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idaho finger steaks

Did you know, outside of Idaho, many people have never tasted or even heard of our state's famous Idaho Finger Steaks? We think this local specialty is so good it deserves its own web page.

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it's idaho today

On KTVB's Idaho Today, Mellisa Paul leads us on beef-centric culinary adventures where we learn inspiring and useful beef cooking tips and flavorful facts from beef experts and cattle industry leaders.

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short ribs 3 ways!

THE GRILL DADS chef Mark Anderson partnered with the Idaho Beef Council to demonstrate easy ways to take one beef cut and prepare it using Tuxedo Blend spices to enjoy three different ways.


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