Grandma Phyllis' Idaho Finger Steaks

Native Idahoan Christie Prescott shares this family recipe, handed down to her from her grandmother. She has fond memories of her grandmother teaching her how to make it.

grandma phyllis' idaho finger steaks

“My Grandma would also use this same recipe to make chicken fried steak. She would also use Cube Steak,” Christie says. Of the cooking tips her grandmother shared with her, “knowing when to flip these steaks by seeing the blood is what I remember the most.  It’s the most helpful tip I’ve come across.” While the recipe makes a great chicken fried steak, cutting up the cube steak to make finger steaks works great, she notes, and makes a great party food.  

Christie and her husband Wyatt operate a cattle ranch in central Idaho and recently relocated to Christie’s home town of Fairfield, a small town with a population of about 400 people. Having grown up on a ranch herself in Fairfield, Christie is grateful for the chance to raise her own children the way she grew up. Like many of Idaho’s multi-generational ranching families, family tradition is very important to her, as is the fact that they are producing an agricultural product that they are proud of. 


• 1lb Package of Cube Steak  

• Package of Saltine Crackers 

• 4 Eggs • Salt and Pepper 

• Deep pan full of cooking oil

Recipe Source: Christie Prescott, Fairfield, Idaho 


1. Cut the Cube Steak into strips and season with salt and pepper, set aside. 

2. Crack and mix up the 4 eggs into a large plate, season with salt and pepper and set aside.  

3. Put the roll of saltine crackers into a large baggie and mash with a rolling pin, place the smashed crackers into a large plate, can add more pepper or garlic salt to taste. 

4. Turn on the pan of oil to get hot, put drops of water into the oil to test for sizzle and proper heat before placing the meat in to cook.  

5. Working with a wet and a dry hand place each steak strip in the egg wash then roll around in cracker mixture to cover. 

6. Place each steak strip in the hot oil. 

7. Working in batches continue the process for all the steak strips. 

8. “When you see the blood it’s time to give them a turn.” 

9. When finished place on plate with some paper towels to soak up excess oil.

10. Serve with A1 sauce, Idaho French fries and cold beer.