Protein Benefits

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Power of Protein

Protein has a significant role in achieving and maintaining optimal health. National nutrition guidelines recommend that protein intake make up 15-35% of the calories in our diets. The average American diet is currently only 15% protein, which means there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to increasing our protein intake and staying within expert recommendations.

There are plenty of powerful health reasons to put high quality protein, including lean beef protein, at the center of your plate: 

  • Manage your weight: Want to lose more fat - and retain more muscle mass? Everyone knows that this is the optimal way to manage weight - especially as we age. One simple way to reach this healthy goal is by replacing some - not all - refined carbohydrates with high quality protein. 
  • Lower your risk of heart disease: Substituting either protein or monounsaturated fat for some of your usual refined carbohydrates can help lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels and reduce overall risk of heart attack and stroke. 
  • Improve your blood sugars: Studies suggest that diets rich in protein can help blood sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes. Adding some lean protein at every meal or as a snack can help you feel satisfied longer. 
  • Make your bones stronger: Contrary to conventional wisdom, higher protein intakes are actually associated with improved bone mass. Although many people only think calcium when it comes to bone nutrition, experts now describe protein as one of the essential nutrients for bone health. This is especially true for teens and young adults who are building strong bones for a lifetime. 

Lean beef delivers high-quality protein in a nutrient-rich, low calorie package, and is a delicious addition to any meal.

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