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The Idaho Beef Council (IBC) proudly promotes Idaho's beef industry and the hardworking ranchers and farmers behind it. Review the annual report to learn more about IBC's management of Idaho's cattle producers' checkoff dollars.

Idaho Beef Council FY22 Annual report

Download a pdf copy to read the full report on how beef checkoff dollars help drive consumer demand for delicious, nutritious Idaho beef!

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Past annual reports

Idaho's thriving beef industry is a legacy every Idahoan can be proud of. The Idaho Beef Council (IBC) has been an industry partner for decades and invites you to see the ways beef checkoff dollars are invested in beef industry promotion, education and research. See how IBC's programs have made an impact over time by reviewing the annual reports of this year and yesteryears!

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IBC Annual report fy20

IBC Annual report fy19

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There is quite a bit going on at the Idaho Beef Council throughout the year. Enjoy quarterly updates on events, promotions and Idaho-centric activities!

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FY20 - April 2020

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Throughout the year checkoff dollars are hard at work educating and inspiring consumers on social media, at events, in the press, on TV and more! Subscribe to receive Idaho Beef Council news today and see the many ways your checkoff dollars are working to promote Idaho's beef industry.

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beef industry's long range plan

Every three to five years, the beef industry, led by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) and the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB), develops a new long-range plan to guide industry actions over the next five years. This past year, Idaho played a vital role in the latest LRP as Kim Brackett, a cow-calf rancher from Homedale, Idaho, served as head of the 15-member task force that spearheaded the 2021-2025 LRP.  

When it comes to putting the LRP into action, Brackett emphasized that the plan includes something for everyone at all levels in the industry, whether that be national, state, or individual: “This new plan is so large and so broad it should be easy for everyone to find an area that they can champion and carry across the finish line in five years.”

Read details of the plan to learn how beef industry experts are working to fulfill that mission.

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