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The Program

The goal of the Beef Counts program is simple: to ensure that those in our community who are hungry have access to nutritious, high-quality protein.

the goal is simple

“The Beef Counts program is a great way to give back to the community. As a rancher, I believe strongly in the quality and commitment that goes into producing beef and beef products in this state. As a good neighbor, I and other ranchers want to make sure that all Idahoans have access to the nutrient-dense protein of our beef.”   - Trish Dowton, Pahsimeroi Valley rancher and former Idaho Beef Council board member.  

As the first program of its kind in the United States, the Beef Counts program brings together all of Idaho’s beef industry, in partnership with The Idaho Foodbank. Spearheaded by the Idaho Beef Council (IBC), industry partners include the Idaho Cattle Association, Idaho Cattlewomen and Agri Beef Company. 

how it works

The Beef Counts program sets an annual goal for raising funds that will be used to purchase and donate beef for The Idaho Foodbank. The IBC has organized multiple events throughout the years that serve as a platform for The Idaho Foodbank to raise funds for Beef Counts. These have included an annual “Race for the Steaks,” the Idaho Steelheads “Beef Night on the Ice,” and similar events.  The IBC has also partnered with retailers and other companies to carry out promotional events in which a portion of the proceeds were donated to Beef Counts by those partners.

Fund-raising is given a strong boost by industry partner Agri Beef, which sources Northwest beef to produce its Double R Ranch brand. Agri Beef matches all Beef Counts donations up to $50,000 every year. This makes all contributions go further, resulting in a bigger impact. 

Working together brings industry partners to the community

The IBC also works with The Idaho Foodbank to encourage beef industry partners to participate in product distribution and labeling events.