Buy Beef Fight Hunger

In addition to putting delicious, nutritious beef on your dinner table, Idaho’s beef community is working hard to end hunger in Idaho. In 2010, we formed “Beef Counts”, a community help campaign to provide Idahoans in need with nutrient-dense beef. Beef provides everyone with some ZIP!  Zinc, Iron and Protein among other essential nutrients.

During the month of July, a portion of all Double R Ranch beef sold in Southern Idaho Albertsons, up to $10,000, will be donated to The Idaho Foodbank to purchase protein-rich beef. Agri Beef will match all donations.

“The Beef Counts program is a great way to give back to the community,” says Trish Dowton, Idaho Beef Council Board Member and Pahsimeroi valley rancher. “As a rancher, I believe strongly in the quality and commitment that goes into producing beef and beef products in the state. As a good neighbor, I and other ranchers want to make sure that all Idahoans have access to the nutrient-dense protein of our beef.”

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What is Beef Counts?

Beef Counts is a program designed to provide a consistent supply of high-quality protein throughout the year to The Idaho Foodbank. This is done through cash and animal contributions made by Idaho cattle ranchers. As the first program of its kind in the United States, Beef Counts and its partners, the Idaho Cattle Association, Idaho CattleWomen Council, Idaho Beef Council and Agri Beef Co., collectively support this innovative program, which quickly converts cash or live animal donations into nutritious beef for hungry Idaho families.


How can you help?

Join Idaho’s farmers and ranchers in fighting hunger by making your secure, tax-deductible donation today! More information on how to donate will be added soon. Stay tuned! 

The Idaho Foodbank

The Idaho Foodbank is an independent, donor-supported, nonprofit organization founded in 1984, and is the largest distributor of free food assistance in Idaho. From warehouses in Boise, Lewiston and Pocatello, the Foodbank has distributed more than 135 million pounds of food to Idaho families through a network of more than 230 community-based partners. These include rescue missions, church pantries, emergency shelters and community kitchens. The Foodbank also operates direct-service programs that promote healthy families and communities through good nutrition.

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